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If you want next year to watch your child how ballet dancing, you can contact with us.

New Ballet hall in NPK I 

Christmas open lesson 2016 I 

Ballet First Day Season 2016-2017 I 

Снимки за "КОМИЦИТЕ" 2015 I 
Модерен театър - Снимки за "Грозното пате" 2015 I 
Снимки за "Господари на ефира" 2015 I 
Ефир в "На кафе" с Гала 07.05.2015 I 

Ballet pictures for printing and coloring I 
The inspiration of small ballerinas I 

Repetition I 
Christmas open lesson 2013 I 
Snowflakes 2012 I 
Favorite dolls 2012 I 
Open lesson 2011 I 
Modern Theater - The Coming of Spring 2011 I 
The Nutcracker together with Ballet "Arabesque" 2010-2011 I 
Again, Santa Claus with us 2010 I 
Theater Sofia 2010 I 
New Year's Eve celebration of Dreaming Snowflakes with Santa Claus 2009 I 
Music Theater 2009 - Dreaming Snowflakes I 
Annual celebration - Bouquet of flowers, children and ballet

Grandmother Marta I 
The winner in the game of survivor 2008 I 
New Year concert in Satiric theater I 
Gifts I 
Christmas Open lesson I 

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